​Project Heart is an alternative living paradise, with music at its core. Music is the soundtrack that helps align and synchronize our higher enhances the energy that we build when we are together.

We made it our mission to create a platform to showcase INCREDIBLY TALENTED ACTS. Some with a reputation that precedes them, and others who haven't received their deserved recognition...just yet.​

​Who better to showcase this talent than a bunch of music & heart loving people looking for something different.

While our gatherings around the world are small and intimate, our HeARTISTS are taking over the mission of being our HEART AMBASSADORS and spreading the love, light & magic, touching the heart of their audience, from the microcosmos into the macro. ❤

Little New Yorkers


Brought up in the Bronx, the cousins DJ duo, are producing with no direction, no telling how far they'll go, or what they will become...

Krabben Öde


Genre bending mind funk - always trying to build bridges between genres from modern house and music from another past.

Dauw & Schemering


As real moodmakers they're very passionate and determined to take their audience on a rhythmic journey.